Catheter videos

Catheter Videos
Intermittent Catheter instruction video from Coloplast
An intermittent catheter is a common procedure used to empty the bladder for people of all ages with conditions or view more
Male catheterisation Animation Video || Urinary Cathetrization
Catheterization is an invasive procedure. Before cathetrizing a patient, make sure to give a full explanation of the procedure, using view more
Catheterization for men and women in animation
Urethral catheterization is a routine medical procedure for both men and women who cannot properly empty their bladder. Consists in view more
Chronic Dialysis Catheter Animation
Chronic dialysis catheters (CDCs) are cuffed and tunneled. Here's a general overview of the placement of a dialysis catheter with view more
Urinary Catheter Blockage Encrustation Animation
Indwelling urinary catheters are medical devices used in hospitals, home and hospices to manage bladder issues and relieve urinary retention view more
Bowel incontinence and chronic constipation
If your sphincter or bowels don't work properly, it is likely that you suffer from fecal incontinence and/or chronic constipation. view more
Urinary Catheters 101 Types of Catheters
The basic types of catheters and measurements are Foley, Intermittent or Internal, External / Male / Condom, Robinson Catheters, and view more
Female Catheter Insertion Procedure
Learn how to professionally proceed to the insertion of an indwelling catheter on female patients, and how to perform it view more