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Refers to a tube or collapsible material within a urine collection device to help prevent urine from reentering the tubing.

Applicator colla

Found on some Hollister male external catheters, a plastic guide with notches for the thumb and forefinger to assist proper placement against the tip of the penis.

Aseptic intermittent catheterization

The process of performing intermittent catheterization using sterile equipment and inserting the catheter in a ste rile way. This would include a sterile ready-to-use product that can be inserted with gloves using a no-touch technique (e.g., the Advance Plus intermittent catheter or a VaPro hydrophilic catheter).

Anti-bacterial Coated Catheter

Antibacterial-coated intermittent catheters give all the benefits of an intermittent catheter along with an outside layer of nitrofurazone, an antibacterial agent proven to fight pathogens known to cause urinary tract infections (UTI’s)

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