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Catheter (urinary)

A special type of hollow tube inserted through the urethra or a stoma to the bladder to withdraw urine or instill medication.


The process of inserting a tube into the bladder to drain urine.

Clean intermittent catheterization

The process of emptying the bladder using a clean intermittent catheter. It involves inserting and removing a catheter, typically several times a day.

Closed system

Refers to a no-touch catheter located within, or attached to, a urine collection bag. Some catheters are manipulated through the bag and guided through a protective tip as it is inserted into the urethra without being directly touched.

Catheter Kits

Catheter kits provide a user everything needed to perform catheterization in one convenient, sterile container

Closed system kit

Comprised of a closed system (catheter located within, or attached to, the urine collection bag) and sometimes other supplies.

Color coded

On Hollister Incorporated straight intermittent catheters, the funnel ends are color and size coordinated so catheters may be consistently ordered by size or funnel color.


A device that secures the extension tubing to the catheter or urinary pouch system.


The ability to control the timing and process of urination and/or bowel movements.

Coudé tip

A slight bend manufactured in the tip of the catheter that makes insertion past the prostate easier for some men. Some products include a notch at the funnel end, or a guide stripe on the catheter, as a guide for alignment during insertion.

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