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Female urinary pouch (FUP)

DA cut-to-fit, one-piece vinyl pouch with a flexible synthetic barrier that is attached externally to the female urethral/vulva or perineum area. The pouch is usually connected to a bedside collection bag. An FUP is used for bed – bound female patients.

Firm catheter

Refers to lesser pliability of a urethral catheter.

Flexible catheter

Refers to greater pliability of a urethral catheter.

Flextend barrier

A skin barrier from Hollister Incorporated with special additives, which achieve a stronger adhesive seal and are more resistant to breakdown from fluids. Skin-prepping agents are not recommended under Flextend skin barriers.

Foley catheter

A catheter that is inserted into the bladder through the urethra for continuous emptying of the bladder and is connected by tubing to a drainage bag.

French size

Abbreviated Fr, the measuring gauge for the outer diameter of a straight or indwelling catheter. 1 French = 1/3 mm


Colored, non-insertion end of the intermittent catheter, which allows for ease of fluid control. Many manufacturers include color on the funnel to correspond to the specific French size of the catheter.

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