Catheter Glossary: (I)


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Loss of control of bowel and/or bladder function.

Indwelling catheter

A flexible tube that remains in the bladder continuously to drain urine. May be referred to as a Foley catheter.


A condition resulting from the presence of bacteria.

Inner flap

A thin, latex extra membrane inside Hollister Incorporated extended wear latex male external catheters. The inner flap helps prevent urine undermining of the catheter adhesive.

Insertion stripe

A colored line or a ridge that extends the length of the catheter, especially the coudé catheter, and serves as an alignment guide during insertion. On Hollister Incorporated products, a funnel notch provides this guide.

Intermittent catheter

A flexible tube that is used for emptying the bladder on a regular schedule. The tube is inserted and removed at regular time intervals and is not indwelling. Used for self-catheterization.

Internal sphincter muscle

An involuntary muscle located at the bladder opening to the urethra.

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