Catheter Glossary: (L)


Discount Catheters Glossary

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A material made from natural rubber, which may cause allergic reactions. Red rubber catheters and some male external catheters contain latex.

Large Drainage Bag

bigger, so you can go extended periods of time without worrying about your bag overfilling; cover a wider array of bag types including night drainage bags, bedside bags, and wheelchair bags

Latex-free Catheter

PLatex-free catheters are great for patients who may have an allergy to latex materials. Latex-free catheters are available in a range of stiffness and because of their firm material, may be easier for some patients to insert.

Leg bag

A flat plastic bag that attaches to the leg to collect urine from an indwelling catheter.

Leg bag straps

Fabric straps that hold a leg bag in place.


A water-soluble jelly applied to a catheter to allow for easier insertion.

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