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Pelvic floor muscles

TSeveral small muscle groups that surround the urethra and rectum. They support the organs of the pelvis and help to maintain continence.

Prelubricated catheter

Refers to a catheter that is lubricated through means of activating a hydrophilic catheter or by passing through a gel reservoir, or a lubricated catheter in a closed system, or a catheter in packaging that contains a lubricant packet, which is ruptured to lubricate the catheter prior to opening the package.

Prostate gland

A small organ in males located below the neck of the bladder encircling the urethra.

Protective tip

A specially designed system on some intermittent catheters, which is inserted into the urethra to help reduce the introduction of bacteria into the urinary system by bypassing the first 15 mm of the distal urethra.


Povidone iodine solution, used as an antimicrobial disinfectant, applied to the urethral opening prior to catheter insertion. May stain clothing.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)  Catheter

OPolyvinyl chloride (PVC) catheters are more firm than rubber catheters, but have more flexibility than silicone catheters. These catheters are good for patients who may need a slightly stiffer material than available with rubber catheters, have a latex allergy or who have an enlarged prostate

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