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The Peristeen rectal catheter is the latest solution to fecal incontinence by Coloplast.

It allows the procedure of transanally irrigating the rectum safely and effectively, relieving an extremely uncomfortable, frustrating and vexing state of constipation or fecal incontinence. Moreover, Peristeen reduces the recurrence of accidental rectal leakage and promotes healthy bowel movements.

Main System

Product name

Product number Eaches/Box
Peristeen® Anal Irrigation System 29129



Accessory Units (1 water bag plus 15 rectal catheters)

Product name Product number Eaches/Box
Peristeen® Accessory Unit 29122 1
Peristeen® Accessory Unit (small) 29127 1

How does Peristeen work?

Peristeen promotes intestinal voiding by insertion of an anal catheter which then irrigates the rectum by slowly pumping manageable amounts of water into it, stimulating intestinal movements known as peristalsis, the process through which all humans naturally flush feces through the rectum and out the body. Peristeen is applied while in a seated position over a toilet and the efficacy is such that fecal incontinence and constipation will disappear for a few of days when administered at the necessary intervals so as to prevent continued constipation or rectal leakage.

The Peristeen system is convenient in that it offers healthcare professionals an excellent differing option to other intestinal management systems but is easy and simple enough for those suffering from fecal incontinence or constipation to perform the catheterization themselves no matter where they are. Gone are the days of solution-finding research necessary for relief and comfort. With Peristeen, Coloplast has figured out a system where the patient can ameliorate their symptoms with ease on his/her terms and on their own schedule.

Having said this, regardless of one’s ability to self-administer Peristeen, it is always necessary to first seek not only the advice of healthcare professionals, but also certification for proper guidance and training.

How can I become certifiably trained and where can one purchase Peristeen?

To purchase Peristeen, it is required to undergo training because there are dangers to rectal catheterization if one neglects careful insertion, such as intestinal puncture by catheter. Albeit rare, intestinal trauma of this sort does occur so understanding how the Peristeen equipment works is extremely important for correct handling and insertion.

To receive training for Peristeen, please contact us. We work in coordination with Coloplast professionals in finding the nearest training center or certified general practitioner in your area. Once you have undergone training and received certification, you are free to purchase Peristeen, right here on our site.

If on the other hand you are already certified to use Peristeen, contact us for verification and you will soon be granted approval to purchase in no time.

What accessories are included when ordering the Peristeen anal irrigation system?

The system includes everything needed for rectal flushing: A control unit that pumps the water, a water pouch, two rectal catheters, corresponding tubes, a couple of straps and a discreet and compact duffel bag for nifty travelling.

Useful Tips and Benefits of Peristeen

  • Frequency of use: The majority of patients begin with daily irrigation. Though it usually takes 1-3 months to initiate and manifest a regular pattern of use, you will soon be able to skip a day of rectal irrigation, making Peristeen less of a necessity for every bowel movement.
  • Choosing a time for irrigation: Let Peristeen adjust to your schedule. Ideally, irrigation should occur at identical times each day but you are in control and can decide if and when to adjust in order to better accommodate to your schedule and needs. With this said, a good starting point is to catheterize roughly half an hour after eating as this is when it can work together with peristalsis.
  • Travelling with Peristeen: Peristeen is extremely portable thanks to the travel bag that is included when buying. An important item that is useful to overstock when travelling are single-use catheters since they are not sold just anywhere. Also, keep in mind that travelling usually brings about new dietary options and with it a new bowel movement routine, however temporary, so make sure to make proper adjustments to your eating choices so that peristalsis and catheterization times are not off kilter.
  • Features: The rectal catheter has a gentle balloon (similar to a foley catheter balloon) that inflates to anchor it in place inside the rectum while anal irrigation is being performed. This allows for a hands-free insertion, eliminating the burden of having to manually hold the catheter in position. Furthermore, its pre-lubricated coating delivers smooth introduction through the anal sphincter. Available sizes are small and regular.

The water pouch can be placed on the floor with no stability issues thanks to its pyramid-like shape and is very portable and due to its water pumping system, it does not require to be held or hung up high.

Brief Peristeen Safety Information

As mentioned previously, Peristeen mechanically pumps water into the rectum via rectal catheters and as such, there is a possibility of accidentally perforating the bowels, causing potential fatal complications that will require hospitalization quite urgently. To properly assess the risk associated with anal irrigation systems, please consult your healthcare professional. Everybody is different so the extent of the success of Peristeen irrigation varies from person to person.

The Peristeen Anal Irrigation System is intended for use by people of at least 2 years of age and older with neurogenic bowel disorder or who are regularly constipated or suffer from fecal incontinence.

Circumstances under which Peristeen is contraindicated:

  1. Presence of Colorectal Cancer
  2. Anal Stenosis
  3. Ulcerative Colitis
  4. Crohn’s Disease
  5. Autonomic Dysreflexia
  6. During pregnancy
  7. Diverticulitis
  8. Ischaemic Colitis

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of contraindications. A physician should thoroughly consider other individual factors as well.

We encourage you to refer to the Peristeen manual for detailed user instructions, contraindications, and possible complications. For further information, contact us and one of our friendly service reps will be happy to assist you.

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