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Catheter Insertion Tips for Women

Some women who self-catheterize often times encounter difficulties in comfortably doing so. Certain ... read more ...


Bladder Cancer: Grading and Identifying each Stage

Staging and grading cancer allows the medical professional to understand the different types, locati... read more ...


Foley Catheterization in Women

Aims of this guideline: Standardization of urinary catheterization, Reduce risk of catheter associat... read more ...


Instructions For Using Foley Catheters in Males

Another name for an indwelling catheter is a Foley catheter which is popularly referred to as just... read more ...


Bladder Training After Suprapubic Catheter Use

A suprapubic urinary catheter is used for draining urine when... read more ...


Suprapubic Catheterization After Bladder Surgery

It is a standard urinary catheter that instead of draining urine through... read more ...


Urinary Catheters and Urinary Tract Infections

Urethral catheterization increases chances of urinary tract infections. Since... read more ...


Men Intermittent Self-Catheterization

There are many causes leading to incontinence, and... read more ...

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