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A true juggernaut in the medical supply manufacturing industry, Hollister has been paving the way for innovative high quality products for decades now. Their product portfolio spans many different areas of the healthcare industry such as ostomy, incontinence and wound care to name a few. With an emphasis in customer service, Hollister has been forming enduring relationships with distributors and customers alike. Many of their products are about improving quality of life, independence and comfort at very affordable prices.
With 5 major manufacturing centers in the U.S, Europe and India, Hollister has made great strides throughout the years in being considered a global leader in healthcare solutions.

Hollister Urinary Catheter Options

Hollister Intermittent Catheter:

Available in male, female and pediatric formats with straight (Nelaton) or slanted (Coude) tip and in various sizes. An intermittent catheter is inserted and removed several times a day, with each insertion and removal corresponding to the draining of the bladder. Intermittent catheterization carries a lower risk of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) than indwelling catheterization (performed with a Foley Catheter) where the catheter is left in the bladder for days or weeks at a time. Intermittent Self Catheterization (ISC) should be the ultimate goal. It provides independence (not relying on a nurse or external help), instills confidence and enables a normal sexual life.

Apogee Intermittent Catheter:

These catheters are sterile, come with no lubrication and are designed for one-time use after which they are discarded. Apogee intermittent Catheters are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and their extremely smooth eyelets increase urine-flow efficiency.

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Apogee Closed System Intermittent Catheter:

Hollister has created a system designed for comfort and protection from Urinary tract infections. The catheter in this closed system is lubricated and its one-of-a-kind protective tips reduce the chances infection by avoiding the initial 15mm of the distal urethra where a higher concentration of bacterial colonies are normally found.

  • Provides lubrication for easy insertion and removal.
  • Extra smooth eyelets are designed to prevent urine backflow.
  • 1500mL Collection bag.
  • Rectangular shaped bag allows even distribution of weight once filled.
  • Risks of infection are minimized by taking away the need to touch the catheter with contaminated hands.
  • Does not contain latex.
  • Protective cap shields against leakage and covers the introducer tip from contaminants.

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Advance Plus Closed Intermittent Catheter:

It is a closed system featuring Hollister’s best response against Urinary Tract Infections. As a closed system, it allows for the whole process to be touch-free, thus shielding the catheter from external exposure during insertion. The Advance Plus displays a more sophisticated introducer than the apogee closed system intermittent catheter. It comes with an added protective tip cap that avoids inadvertently transporting bacteria further into the urethra by bypassing the initial 15mm of the urethral opening. Additionally, it has a unique method of regulated gel delivery for smooth insertion and withdrawal.

  • Extra smooth Catheter eyelets for enhanced flow of urine while avoiding reflux of contents into the upper urinary system.
  • Collection bag holds up to 1500mL – The Touch Free aspect of the system prevents catheter contamination through both insertion and withdrawal.
  • The protective tip is touch free and is designed to bypass the bacterial colonies located in the urethral opening’s initial 15mm.
  • Brings back confidence to the patient by allowing a user-regulated gel reserve for convenient, comfortable and stable insertion and removal.
  • Polyvinyl Chloride material (PVC) and latex-free.
  • Coude and straight style insertion tips.

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Male External Catheter:

Also known as a condom or Texas Catheter, it resembles a condom and consists of a sheath that covers the shaft of the penis and attaches to a drainage or leg bag.

Men who experience leakage stand to benefit from these external catheters and Its level of discretion help to instill confidence and comfort. Hollister has also kept a keen eye on variety here as their male external catheters are available in latex and non-latex and in various lengths and sizes. These catheters are also manufactured with clear material to facilitate careful supervision of the shaft’s skin condition where the external catheter is utilized.

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InView Male External Catheter:

It’s a transparent, breathable silicone catheter with a smooth adhesive that stays on securely for up to 24 hrs. It is designed to be comfortable and gentle upon removal.

  • Free of latex material
  • Perfect substitute to Indwelling Catheters or other absorbing products such as adult diapers.

Length Options:
  • Inview Special: Smaller length
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  • Inview Extra: 70% of extra adhesive
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  • Inview Standard: Standard size and adhesive
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Extended Wear Male Catheter:

It is a condom catheter with an inner flap that prevents reflux and two rings at the shaft base to ensure unobstructed urine flow. Available with an applicator, stays on firmly and gently.

  • Presence of inner flap reduces chances of urine reflux
  • Secure adhesive attachment
  • Plastic collar affords effortless application.
  • Double convolutions provide prevention wrinkles and contortions that might hinder free urine flow

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EveryDay Male External Catheter:

It’s a Condom Catheter made of resistant latex to avoid twisting and with two rings at the shaft base to deliver continued urine flow. Its gentle adhesive provides a secure attachement.

Retracted Penis Pouch:
  • Post-Op recommended
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Retracted Penis Pouch:


An external urine collector that comes with Hollister Hydrocolloid Flextend Tapered Skin Barrier which allows more than one day usage while protecting the surrounding skin. Other features include:

  • A urine Anti-Reflux drainage valve
  • Odor proof
  • Cut-to-Fit to suit user’s needs
  • Transparent

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Hollister Urinary Leg Bag:

Designed with discretion in mind, Hollister’s leg bags maintain a low profile even in the midst of bag expansion while urine fills up the urinary chamber. Urinary tract infections are thwarted by its anti-reflux valve and its ample leg straps hold the bag securely in its place without uncomfortable constriction. Available in both latex and non-latex.

  • Draining is made simple and requires little dexterity.
  • Broad fabric straps allow you to relax, knowing your bag remains securely in its place.
  • Anti-reflux valve
  • Gentle vinyl layer keeps odor at bay
  • Discretion is enhanced with its venting system whereby ballooning of the bag is null.
  • Prevents a “vacuum effect” by its built in vacuum relief valve.

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Hollister Night Drainage Collector (Bedside Drainage Bags):

These convenient bags hold up to 2000mL of liquid waste and can be emptied and drained in a jiff. They are quite sturdy and very cost effective.

  • Maintains a sterile pathway for the urine.
  • Clear visuals provide clear evaluation of urine output
  • Non-latex, self-sealing sample port
  • Built-in holder for the outlet draining tube

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Hollister Bowel Continence Solutions

ActiFlo Indwelling Bowel Catheter System:

The ActiFlo bowel catheter system has the capability to manage the consistency of fecal matter and in this way makes efficient use of its indwelling time. It is a complete system that is affordable and is assisting many to increase their quality of life.

  • Minimizes occurrence of pressure ulcers by decreasing skin lesions and assists in diminishing the likelihood of infections as a result of fecal incontinence.
  • Reduces leaking thanks to its cave-in resistant cylinder and low-pressure retention cuffs.
  • Makes collection of stool samples much easier and hassle-free as the system stays in place.
  • Allows you to manage the various consistencies of fecal matter.  

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InstaFlo Bowel Catheter System:

Specifically designed to shield odors and to avoid them permeating throughout. It’s user-friendly made to help reduce the necessity for a clinical professional.

  • Collection pouch is disposable.
  • Reduces trauma to anal sphincter
  • Retention cuff helps keep tube from moving out of place.
  • Easy to see catheter connectors thanks to labeling and color coding.
  • Prevents leaking
  • Collect samples without disturbing the tube position; enabled by the tube flushing port.
  • Compatible with Luer tip syringes.

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Hollister Fecal Collector:

Intended to deal with fecal incontinence lapses. It comes with Hollister’s Odor Proof Skin Barrier that protects against skin flare-ups and maceration. It may stay on and connected to collection device for up to 7 days.

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