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Men's Liberty - Bioderm

Men incontinence had not seen any breakthroughs in the past decades until the launch of BioDerm Men's Liberty Seal. Men's Liberty is not a Condom Catheter, a Foley Catheter, or an Intermittent Catheter. It is an external device composed of an adhesive resembling a flat propeller that connects to a tube attached to a Leg Bag. The propeller part adheres and wraps around the pennis tip. Men's Liberty is mild on the skin but stays on firmly thanks to BioDerm’s exclusive XtraDermTM hydrocolloid adhesive. XtraDermTM allows for secure, no leaks urine collection for at least 24 hours without requiring a change. Users are free from odors, the discomfort of being wet, and having to deal with multiple replacements throughout the day.


Men's Liberty represents a dramatic decline in bladder management overall costs. When accounting for the negative side effects of wearing outdated alternatives (traditional catheters), the savings are enough to recon

Men’s Liberty can be used while Self-Catheterizing with an Intermittent Catheter. It can attach to any standard drain bag. It is compatible with all anatomies and sizes, and it is Discreet.

Men’s Liberty versus Foley Catheters

  • Lower risks of Urinary Tract Infections.
  • No nurse or 3rd party involvement. It provides full independence.
  • No penile damage. It does not enter the penis opening.
  • No urethral friction. It does not enter the urethra.
  • Peristomal skin creases, wrinkles, or scars
Men’s Liberty versus Condom Catheters

  • No looking for the perfect size. Men’s liberty has one universal size.
  • No blood circulation problems. There is no compression.
  • No skin irritations, rashes, or contaminations.
  • No skin contact with urine.
  • No leaks.
Men’s Liberty versus Adult Diapers, Pads and Briefs

  • No skin contact with urine.
  • No skin flare-ups, irritations, or ulcers.
  • No loss of self-esteem.
  • No odors.
  • No need to change appliance during the day.

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