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PECO Medical

Through cutting edge technology, PECO Medical has unveiled some of the latest innovations used in catheters today. The company’s foray under its own brand is recent. As a newcomer, PECO offers an ideal combination of 2nd to none quality at the most affordable price. By conducting their own research on modern catheter use, they have also published clinical and scientific papers based on their studies. It is with the results of this research that PECO Medical stands out with their innovative urological catheters.


Peco Touch-Free Catheterization System Kits and Non-Kits:


-The Touch-Free system remains closed during insertion and withdrawal to prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s). Manufactured and designed to keep the sterile catheter out of contact by bag enclosure.

-The catheter tip has a gentle coating to lessen the likelihood of any trauma and provides smooth insertion and withdrawal.

-Sold as a unit (catheter with bag) or part of a kit (catheter with bag plus swabs, gloves and underpad).

-Free of latex, DEHP and BPA

-Available in Vinyl or Red Rubber.


Touch Free Closed Kits can be found in the following sizes:


PECO Touch Free Closed Kits

Size Item Number
10 FR PK5110
12 FR PK5112
14 FR PK5114

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Touch Free Closed Systems (Non-Kit) can be found in the following sizes:


PECO Touch Free Closed System (Non-Kit)

Size Item Number
10 FR PC6110
12 FR PC6112
14 FR PC6114

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PECO Intermittent Catheters:

The PECO family of Intermittent Catheters offers a wide selection of choices including: Straight Tip Catheters, Olive Tip Coude Catheters, Tapered Tip Coude Catheters, Hydrophilic Catheters, Coude Hydrophilic Catheters, and Red Rubber Catheters.


Straight Tip Catheters:


-Polished orifices for added protection, reduces friction and enhances urine flow.

-High grade PVC.

-Latex, BPA and DEHP free.

-Designed for Female, Pediatric, and Male use.


Available item numbers include:


PECO Intermittent Catheter - Female

Size Item Number
(7.5") - 8 FR PU008F
(7.5") - 10 FR PU010F
(7.5") - 12 FR PU012F
(7.5") - 14 FR PU014F
(7.5") - 16 FR PU016F
(7.5") - 18 FR PU018F
(7.5") - 14 FR - no connector PU014FN

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PECO Intermittent Catheter - Pediatric

Size Item Number
(10") - 6 FR PU006
(10") - 8 FR PU008
(10") - 10 FR PU010
(10") - 12 FR PU012P
(10") - 14 FR PU014P

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PECO Intermittent Catheter - Male

Size Item Number
(16") - 6 FR PU006L
 (16") - 8 FR PU008L
(16") - 10 FR PU010L
(16") - 12 FR PU012
(16") - 14 FR PU014
(16") - 16 FR PU016
(16") - 18 FR PU018

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Olive Tip Coude Catheters: 

PECO’s Olive Tip Coude Catheters have a small olive-shaped tip intended for an effective passage and a smoother entry into the bladder and around faux passages. They are all latex and DEHP free. Available item numbers include:


PECO Intermittent Catheter Olive Tip Coude

Size Item Number
12 FR PU812C
14 FR PU814C
16 FR PU816C
18 FR PU818C

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Tapered Tip Coude Catheters:

PECO’s Tapered Tip Coude Catheter is manufactured with a curved tip that is short and provides improved handling through abnormally narrow passages with minimum discomfort during catheterization. They are all latex and DEHP free. Available item numbers include:


PECO Intermittent Catheter Tapered Tip Coude

Size Item Number
10 FR PU610C
12 FR PU612C
14 FR PU614C
16 FR PU616C
18 FR PU618C

Purchase PECO Intermittent Catheter Tapered Tip Coude

Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheters:

PECO’s Hydrophilic intermittent catheter is intended to deliver friction-less catheterization thanks to its water activated hydrophilic coating. The catheter remains sterile inside a case that allows for touchless insertion and thus maintains a clean insertion and removal procedure. It’s latex, DEHP and BPA-free.


PECO  Clear & Free Hydrophilic Coated Intermittent Catheter

Gender Size Item Number
Pediatric 10" - 6 FR PH006
Pediatric 10" - 8 FR PH008
Pediatric 10" - 10 FR PH010
Standard 16" - 12 FR PH012
Standard 16" - 14 FR PH014
Standard 16" - 16 FR PH016
Standard 16" - 18 FR PH018
Female 7.5" - 10 FR PH010F
Female 7.5" - 12 FR PH012F
Female 7.5" - 14 FR PH014F
Female 7.5" - 16 FR PH016F
Female 7.5" - 18 FR PH018F


PECO Hydrophilic catheter with Easy Burst Water Pouch

 Gender Item Number
Pediatric 10" - 6 FR PH106
Pediatric 10" - 8 FR PH108
Pediatric 10" - 10 FR PH110
Standard 16" - 12 FR PH112
Standard 16" - 14 FR PH114
Standard 16" - 16 FR PH116
Standard 16" - 18 FR PH118
Female 7.5" - 10 FR PH110F
Female 7.5" - 12 FR PF112F
Female 7.5" - 14 FR PH114F
Female 7.5" - 16 FR PH116F
Female 7.5" - 18 FR PH118F

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Coude Hydrophilic Catheters:

The PECO Coude Hydrophilic Catheter offers minimum resistance and diminished chances of irritation. Its Easy Burst Water Pouch activates with water and its Touch-Free Sleeve protects against urinary tract infections as it maintains catheter sterility during the process. It’s Latex, DEHP and BPA-free. It comes sterile.

PECO Clear & Free Coude Hydrophilic Catheter w/Easy Burst Water Pouch and Touch-Free Sleeve

Gender Size Item Number
Pediatric 10" - 8 FR PH208
Pediatric 10" - 10 FR PH210
Standard 16" - 12 FR PH212
Standard 16" - 14 FR PH214
Standard 16" - 16 FR PH216
Standard 16" - 18 FR PH218
Female 7.5" - 10 FR PH210F
Female 7.5" - 12 FR PH212F
Female 7.5" - 14 FR PH214F
Female 7.5" - 16 FR PH216F
Standard 16" - 10 FR PH210C
Standard 16" - 12 FR PH212C
Standard 16" - 14 FR PH214C
Standard 16" - 16 FR PH216C

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Red Rubber Intermittent Catheters:

PECO Red Rubber Intermittent Catheters are employed as either a Robinson or Nelaton Catheter.

A Robinson catheter is a straight urinary catheter with a tip carrying anywhere from two to six orifices. It is indicated when the urine is mixed with blood or where there is risk of clogging.

A Nelaton catheter consists of a straight flexible shaft with one or two opposing orifices sideways from the crown’s end and a coupling mechanism at the base that attaches to a urine bag. The catheter features a hollow round tip with two opposing drainage eyes.  It is sterile and is designed for single use.


PECO Red Rubber All-Purpose Intermittent Catheter

Size Item Number
8 FR PU7708
10 FR PU7710
12 FR PU7712
14 FR PU7714
16 FR PU7716
18 FR PU7718
20 FR PU7720
22 FR PU7722

Purchase PECO Red Rubber All-Purpose

100 % Silicone Elastomer Coated Foley Catheters: 

PECO 100 % Silicone Elastomer Coated Foley Catheter has an elastic silicone polymer layer to reduce the risk of rashes and Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). It has a round head with two orifices located at 180° from each other. The shaft is colored for differentiation. It is for single use only.  Available in 5 and 30 cc. 


PECO 100% Silicone Foley Catheter - 2 Way

Size Item Number
6 FR - 3CC PF5806
8 FR - 3CC PF5808
10 FR - 3CC PF5810
12 FR - 5CC PF5812
14 FR - 5CC PF5814
16 FR - 5CC PF5816
18 FR - 5CC PF5818
20 FR - 5CC PF5820
22 FR - 5CC PF5822
24 FR - 5CC PF5824
16 FR - 30CC PF6816
18 FR - 30CC PF6818
20 FR - 30CC PF6820
22 FR - 30CC PF6822
24 FR - 30CC PF6824

Purchase PECO 100% Silicone

Silicone Elastomer Coated Foley Catheters:

This catheter has the same attributes as the 100% Silicone Foley Catheter except that it contains latex and it is available in 3, 5 and 30 cc.


PECO Silicone Elastomer Coated Foley Catheter - 2 Way

Size Item Number
8 FR - 3CC PF6508
10 FR - 3CC PF6510
12 FR - 5CC PF6512
14 FR - 5CC PF6514
16 FR - 5CC PF6516
18 FR - 5CC PF6518
20 FR - 5CC PF6520
22 FR - 5CC PF6522
24 FR - 5CC PF6524
26 FR - 5CC PF6526
28 FR - 5CC PF6528
30 FR - 5CC PF6530
12 FR - 30CC PF6612
14 FR - 30CC PF6614
16 FR - 30CC PF6616
18 FR - 30CC PF6618
20 FR - 30CC PF6620
22 FR - 30CC PF6622
24 FR - 30CC PF6624
26 FR - 30CC PF6626
28 FR - 30CC PF6628
30 FR - 30CC PF6630

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Urinary Elite Leg Bags: 

The PECO Elite Leg Bag is made of a sturdy synthetic plastic to avert ruptures. It comes with an anti-reflux valve to avoid urine from flowing back. It can be easily drained with a swivel nozzle. It is sterile and non-latex material.


PECO Elite Leg Bag - Flip Valve

Size Item Number
MEDIUM (19 oz) PL0619
LARGE (32 oz) PL0632

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Urinary Elite Leg Bag Kits:

The PECO Elite Leg Bag Kit has the same features as the PECO Elite Bag except for the draining mechanism. The following bags/kits come with a rubber pressure plug instead of a flip valve. It includes a button-hole strap.


PECO Elite Leg Bag Kit- Push Cap

Size Item Number
MEDIUM (19 oz) PL0119
LARGE (32 oz) PL0132
MEDIUM (19 oz ) PL0119
LARGE (32 oz) PL0132
MEDIUM (19 oz) PL0319
LARGE (32 oz) PL0332
MEDIUM (19 oz) PL0719
LARGE (32 oz) PL0732
MEDIUM (19 oz) - With Extension Tube PL0819
LARGE (32 oz) - With Extension Tube PL0832
18" Soft Vinyl Extension Tube with Connector PA0018

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Urinary Bedside Drainage Bags: 

PECO bedside drainage bag is made of long-lasting latex. It offers needle-free access to urine port for samples and includes clear tubing, clamp, strap and hanger. It is anti-reflux, non-latex and sterile.


PECO Bedside Drainage Bag

Size Item Number

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