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Our vision for our ‘Cath Board’ section is to turn it into a wellspring of informative articles and videos to help answer the many questions, doubts or concerns about the varied and often times confusing world of catheterization. Catheters are used for a myriad of reasons and as a result of hundreds if not thousands of conditions and procedures.


As such, becoming knowledgeable with the basics of catheterization (at the very least) will tremendously assist the reader through a safer and more comfortable experience during catheterization, whether you are a patient, healthcare practitioner or just a curious student. Our Cath Board includes articles for novices and the more advanced such as workout advice, catheterization cleanliness and recent advances in catheter research and manufacturing. Our videos provide visual learning for all things related to catheters.


With this vision as our foundation, our intention is to reach out to those interested in catheters and their use via our social media platforms. We have facilitated our readers, followers and clients to comment, share what they like and provide insight, whether it’s a product, an article or any page on


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