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Encore From: VTU1 To: VTUE - Impo-Aid Vacuum Therapy Manual Impotence Device Battery

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FSA Eligible
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VTU1Impo-Aid Vacuum Therapy Manual Impotence DeviceEach
VTUEImpo-Aid Vacuum Therapy Battery Impotence DeviceEach
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Battery operated over-the-counter impotence pump. Comes with four rings and in a retail box. The perfect choice for the uninsured patient, uses 2 - aa size batteries
More Information
Manufacturer Encore
Brand Impo-Aid
Categories Condition, Erectile Dysfunction, Incontinence, Urinary Catheter
Code VTU1 - VTUE
Require Prescription? No
Store Discount Catheters|Drip Armor|Online Living Aids|Stomabags
Score: 4.2 from 1 - 5
31 Review
Kenneth A. Review from
May 15, 2020
For the last 22 years
For the last 22 years I have been using a vacuum therapy system. This is my first Rapport system. It is easy to use. The trigger style handle makes it easy to pump. It took about 3 attempts to get the ring and handle aligned for a proper fit. According to the ring guide I should use the larger ring, but had to go to the 4th ring I order to maintain an erection. The ring was easy to remove. I do recommend shaving around the base of the penis in order to get a proper seal. I will definitely recommend this system!
wolstan_dixie Review from
November 28, 2016
Good but could be better
OK; vacuum erection devices - post prostatectomy I've tried three. The problem with the simple ones is that to get a seal they have to be jammed right up to your abdominal wall deep in your scrotum, making it extremely difficult to prise the ring off because you can't get your fingers in behind it and the whole ring won't detach simultaneously. This attempts to address that problem, with some success, by positioning the ring at the top of a placing cone - this brings it out from your body, making it easier to get at, and ensures the whole thing releases at once and slides down onto the penis a
George H. Review from
4MD Medical Solutions
February 20, 2021
Its ok
This is my first VED, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I guess its ok. Im not using it for intercourse, just to try to regain some length I feel Ive lost. It gives me an erection, but I feel I have to help by getting somewhat aroused. Im curious as to how another unit will work, so Ive already ordered a battery powered unit. It may be that they are all pretty much the same, but I will continue to experiment.
Dylan S. Review from
May 11, 2020
Quality build materials
Item works as expected. The temporary adaptor used to get the constriction ring onto the device should be able to snap on and off so it doesn't wobble as you try to hold the body of the device and try putting on the ring at the same time as the adaptor wobbles around. It doesn't seem to allow you to get a full erection via vacuum. This seems to be a limitation of the concept of using negative air pressure to force blood into the penis versus the natural biological method. It can be difficult to determine if you've achieved max erection as a result.
Mike Review from
July 17, 2018
Great budget pump
I purchased this as my second pump for our weekend home. My other pump is the pos-t-vac manual pump. Here are my impressions: The tube is larger than Pos-t-Vac regular size, but smaller than Pos-t-Vac large. The pump can be operated with one hand. Pos-t-Vac requires 2. Pump is squeezed while Pos-t-Vac is pulled like a bicycle pump. Moves less air per squeeze so you have to pump more to get same level of vaccum. A cone is supplied to put the ring on the tube, and the end of the tube that presses against your body is angle cut. Overall, easier to put ring on tube and easier to slide ring off tub
Bryant W. Review from
August 13, 2021
The unit was easy to
The unit was easy to use, I used to use a unit back in the early 2010s and during our move it was misplaced. Now that I bought this unit i thought it would help me with my ED, since purchasing it, trial and error I managing to maintain my erection longer. Only time will tell.
Don B. Review from
May 22, 2020
Product is fairly reliable, but
Product is fairly reliable, but it was sent with size 8 rings which are not large enough. It is not easy to install nor to use. Dont think I got my monies worth. A fool and his money are soon parted.
Benny W. Review from
June 12, 2021
Generally a good unit. The
Generally a good unit. The accessories are a little on the cheap side but the rest I good.
Collie W. Review from
June 17, 2020
I'm unable to achieve a
I'm unable to achieve a erection with your device , but I'll keep trying . It looks like its enlarged in the tube , but when I release the pressure , even with the tension ring , it doesn't maintain an erection .
Don R. Review from
September 19, 2020
Owen Mumford Rapport Classic Vacuum Therapy Device SM2000
The pump seems to be well made, but the design is hard to use .. -- it has to be pushed into the scrottom to make a seal, body hair keeps it from sealing well -- once the penis is stiff enough the seal is broken while the constricting band is put in place, this allows for a loss of stiffness -- the smaller constricting band also has smaller finger loops .. ?
Daniel P. Review from
January 27, 2021
I had such a good
I had such a good product before with no problem with the vacuum/suction part. Not so much with this product.
alan s. Review from
September 12, 2020
As of today Sept11-l havent got it to work.l made need to talk to someone.If I had to give it an opinion now it would be negative. Thank you for the Reveiw questions. Alan Stein
Roman R. Review from
July 27, 2021
It does what it supposed
It does what it supposed to do. Therapy for a penile erection.
Edward S. Review from
July 5, 2020
Works good. Too expensive for
Works good. Too expensive for quality of device.
Ronald S. Review from
February 13, 2021
Works good .
Works as advertised. Does take some practice to get satisfactory results.
Johnny M. Review from
October 28, 2020
I like the way the
I like the way the vacuum holds, I wish that the cylinder could have been a little thicker.
Guest Review from
4MD Medical Solutions
May 11, 2017
Good Product
Very happy with my new Vacuum Therapy Machine. Does exactly as it's suppose to. Good quality product.
Jason N. Review from
March 27, 2020
Great vacuum pump. Its a little slower than I expected, but it is a safety reason.
monet Review from
February 23, 2017
Rapport Classic
I have had one of these for over 10 years and i have never had a problem with it. The Previous Reveiw ,the chap could not have been using it properly.
Ronald S. Review from
December 18, 2020
easy to use and very
easy to use and very good instruction book.
William B. Review from
June 1, 2021
Works as advertised.
Works as advertised.
Dennis C. Review from
May 18, 2021
Doesnt quite get there
Doesnt quite get there
Thomas J. Review from
May 4, 2021
It works great
It works great
a. v. Review from
4MD Medical Solutions
September 28, 2017
the product did not work for me. I guess when part of me died it is dead...
prospectordennis Review from
August 29, 2021
Thanks is all there is to say
The best there is
Anonymous Review from
October 12, 2021
Easy to use and very effective!!
anthony c. Review from
January 16, 2021
only increase by 3/4 of
only increase by 3/4 of an in
Thomas M. Review from
December 14, 2020
Works Great!
Works Great!
Roger M. Review from
March 13, 2021
Works ok
Works ok
Terry C. Review from
4MD Medical Solutions
September 3, 2020
Paul W. Review from
August 21, 2020
it's fine
it's fine
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