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McKesson - 4821 - Bag Urine Coll Str

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Bag Urine Coll Str 200ml
More Information
Manufacturer McKesson
Brand McKesson
Categories Drainage Bag, Condition, Drainage Bags, Urinary Incontinence, Urinary Retention, Incontinence, Urinary Catheter
Code 4821
Require Prescription? No
Store Discount Catheters|Drip Armor|Stomabags
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
38 Review
Michael Review from
December 14, 2021
Keeping her dry!
As our dog was getting older, incontinence was almost inevitable. Almost every female dog I have owned has experienced that in their old age. The usual treatment from the vet is Proin. Our dog has been dry as can be when she takes her meds (mixed in food, of course). Nice enough, we can sometimes lower the dosage for a period of time before needing to increase to the introductory dosage to boost her system. This is a good medicine for female dogs to utilize when they age. You can then avoid the shameful look on their faces when they realize they wet their bed or pillow.
Nancy Review from
August 25, 2020
The use of Prion totally stopped my Great Dane from having bladder releases at night. Many female dogs have a tendency to have this issue after being spayed when young and was at a loss what to do. She is close to 5 years old now. Tried a really nice dog diaper but she was not comfortable and made her anxious and restless. The first day on Prion she did not have a mishap nor more than 3 weeks now. Great product and no side effects. Recommend. Allivet was great to work with insuring I got my vet's prescription in the mail ASAP even overnighting the Prion. Great!!
Jeffrey Review from
November 27, 2020
Our elderly female German Shepard developed incontinence (common with large dogs spayed early). Our vet first put her the estrogen pills... didn't help. Tried the 145 mg Prion tablets, which I crush and mixed with a raw egg to make it easy to administer, and she immediately improved. To be on the safe side, we still diaper the old girl when she comes in at night, but It's quite rare for her to leak before she gets let out in the morning. I'd say the efficacy rate is a solid 95% or better, which our vet says as prescriptions go is considered a win. Am now trying the chewables to see if we can s
Bahama Gem Review from
June 27, 2017
Since PROIN was prescribed for Tay-Tay, she has not leaked. She is a beautiful twice adopted Dobi whose spay negatively affected her bladder control. It was sad to see her try to help herself, but OHHHHhhhh how wonderful to see that there is a product that betters the quality of her life - and ours! Given the possible side affects we are happy that 50mg once a day works. I must say she does not like the taste. Her propensity is towards anything meaty and or stink. Yes ... stink. I grind chicken bones and tuna brine with whatever else she loves that is at hand and power each pill before making
gfstitcher Review from
February 12, 2021
Works but my dog HATES the taste
This product pretty much solves the incontinence problem. It is a large chewable with a flavor that makes my dog shudder. I split them in half and give half in the morning and half at night. Easier to get the half tablet down her throat b/c she fishes them out of most treats. Pill pockets work sometimes but not always.
dsteinschneider Review from
October 9, 2017
Here are some Proin tips after a year of tweaking
We were prescribed Proin but Ryder continued to let go in a big way while asleep. Part of the problem was she would sometimes take the pill but sneak away and spit it out. I discovered that using a spoon to sliver off enough butter to wrap the pill is a great way to get her to look forward to eating it. The next thing I discovered is that at 14 she is a bit senile and wasn't "remembering" to go when put outside. I was assuming she had done her business when let out but after following her around multiple times where she just looked around and came back in I knew we had a second problem. I had
CNnekaN Review from
December 20, 2021
Works Perfectly
My dog started leaking when she turned 5 years old. The vet prescribed her Proin and it fixed the problem immediately. It is much more affordable to order the medication from 1800PetMeds. The medication works exactly the same and I get a larger amount for a cheaper price. Very happy with my purchase.
Aaron Review from
May 30, 2020
Same medication!
I've unfortunately had to have my cattle dog on Proin for a few years now. It is much cheaper to buy this online for a 3 month supply versus what my veterinarian can supply me with. Keeps Ginger from wetting herself while sleeping and she doesn't have to feel ashamed about something she can't control. Glad that 1-800-Petmeds had this in supply when my normal online retailer was currently out of stock! Just as quick as the other option with shipping and with communication with the veterinarian for the prescription! Good to know that there is more than one affordable place to get medication for
mari Review from
October 30, 2016
Noticeable difference!!
Definitely seems to have helped, I actually noticed a change within 2-3 days!! My dog would suddenly begin whine, drop to the floor(no matter what she was in the process of doing), and begin to lick at her vaginal area what seemed like multiple times a day. It became a real issue, as she would begin to urinate when simply jumping on or off the couch, and ACCIDENTALLY(I know this because of the remorse she would show after the fact, knowing it was wrong) wet the bed nearly every night. So. To the vet we went(this time a second opinion). She was extremely helpful, and we eventually came to the c
Tata49 Review from
December 12, 2021
So far so good
My old lab was leaking urine so she was prescribed Proin 50 (1 1/2) tablets twice daily. After several months she started leaking again so her dosage was upped to 2 tablets twice daily. This has been working again. Hopefully it will continue to stop her leaking.
Diane doggie lover Review from
December 17, 2021
What would we do without Proin?
I adopted Lexi when she was 4 years old and it didn't take long to realize there was a problem. Proin to the rescue! Not only does Proin totally control her incontinence but she only needs 50 mg/day. Originally our vet wanted her on 100 mg/day but I discovered that 50 did the trick. Thank you, Proin!
Briard Mom Review from
February 1, 2020
It works, our dogs been using it for years
We started having incontinence and then urinary tract infections with our 11 year-old briard. Now, with Proin she's accident free with less leakage. I also give her cranberry tablets to help prevent UTIs. She's now 13 and we've been accident free. I hear this is the same medication given to geriatric humans with the same condition - perhaps not in liver flavor.
Zoriboo Review from
September 19, 2019
Shockingly quick results
My small 10 year old pitbull has been taking Proin for 2 and a half months. The dripping stopped on day 2, literally stopped! In these months maybe twice i have seen a drip, which is amazing as she was constantly dripping up to the day we started treatment. She seems to be more playful as well, her dosage is half a 50 twice a day. I have seen zero negative side effects yet and pet meds was much cheaper than the vet. One day i missed a dose and she was dripping by the time of her next dose, but that has not happened again. This has saved her from the discomfort of house accidents and me hours o
Michelle Review from
November 22, 2019
My Doberman (Xena) has been on this urinary (Spay) incontinence medicine for around 5 months now. Her reason for this is Spay related. She would get up from laying down and have a little puddle under her or she would even drip while walking around the house. This medicine has completely stopped it all and it's cost through Allivet is a third of the price of what I was paying at my Vet's office. I was told she'll probably be on this her whole life, which is so sad because she's only 4. The whole process with Allivet was extremely fast and easy. Once her Vet sent in the approval I received XENA'
TP14092 Review from
March 10, 2020
Works well fir our Chloe
Our female Ibizan mix has been using Proin for several years. Her original prescription for urinary leakage made her aggressive but with Proin shes been her normal self. And dry. PetMeds originally told me that her Proin was on back order and would take a couple of extra weeks to send. I was prepared to go to our vet for it but the order came in two weeks early which save us some money. Great job there!
Prinz55902 Review from
July 5, 2019
Fast shipping, great quality medication
I find 1800 petmeds to always have the meds our dog and cat always need. Our pup suffers from incontinence. Our vet recommended Proin. She has been prescribed Proin for the past few years, one dose in the morning and one in the evening. It works very well for her, no urine leaking. So needless to say its a medication that she will have to be on the rest of her life. She functions just like a normal healthy dog. I started purchasing Proin through 1 800 Petmeds not only because it is cheaper. I buy it because its so easy and convenient to order. Its delivered right to our home before she runs ou
Mariah Review from
January 15, 2020
Worked perfectly for my senior husky. No more inconsistent issues. With my beagle mix, improves her situation quite a bit but doesn't work as well. She's a senior rescue though and it could be how Proin effects her individually or what condition she was in when I rescued her. It's pricey to consider when its not fully effective. I still use it though. Four stars because it may or may not work well for your pet (I've had great experience with one and better than not on other). And it's pricey with no generic version that I've found - considering it's been around for many years its reasonable to
Wendy Review from
January 14, 2018
Proin Review
Lulu had surgery late in 2016 for bladder stones. Before that time she was having accidents and my vet suggested Proin. We gave it to her but stopped after her surgery as we were not sure what was causing the accidents. She started having them again this past fall and we started giving her 1/2 of a 50 mg pill every morning. She has not had any more accidents and it started working immediately. I am glad that I decided to give her a small dose just to see if it works. Of course if she starts leaking again I will up the dosage but my philosophy has always been to start with something less and se
Tina Review from
January 10, 2021
I have 3 female pups on proin 50mg due to urinary incontinanceYes that number 3 is correct. My vet says those odds are RARE but those are the cards I have been delt. All 3 rescue pups from various backgrounds. They take their proin every morning and every night. Proin is amazing and has done wonders for my 3 girls. Highly recommend it.
Franklin Review from
December 3, 2021
my dog became incontinent after being spayed . Proin is given according to body weight and needs to be given at the same times each day. It works very well but doses should not be missed in order to be effective. My dogs dosage had to be increased as she became older, but it still is very effective.
Christine Review from
July 23, 2020
This medication has/is a miracle for our pet. Our dog had absolutely no side effects with this medication. Her incontinence is controlled. So for me it saves our rugs, etc. For our girl she no longer feels sad for something at 14 years of age she could no longer control on her own. That was the worst part to come home and see her ashamed, broke my heart. Great product, happy dog!
Maggies Dad Review from
January 17, 2017
Maggie, our female Labradoodle (60 lbs), started having intermittent leaking issues at about age 9, that seemed to be related to other issues - liver cancer. We started her on prion initially but it didn't seem to work, and with the cancer, the diagnosis was unsure. A month later, after Maggie recovered from Cancer surgery, and on the advice of a different vet, we re-started the prion at a much higher dose initially (4 pills - 100 mg/day). It worked within a day or two, and we gradually reduced the dose to the original single pill 25 mg per day. It has worked great for the past 3+ years, with
pharmerpatti Review from
September 10, 2019
Life changing
My 50 pound lab has a congenital "mis-plumbing". After an attempt at surgical repair, she was on 25mg BID for approximately 2 years until we were in between vets and ran out! The incontinence was OUT OF CONTROL. No amount of diapers could help and since she has been an indoor dog for ~4 years, I couldn't just make her stay outside 24/7. We got the medication again after being off for ~ 2 weeks and we have 99% reduction in her incontinence. Per our bet recs, we have increased her to 25mg AM and 50mg PM. Life is back to normal, and this product is VERY affordable.
PetLvr Review from
February 11, 2017
Proin is,a life saver
My Dog not only loves the taste, Proin has made my life and hers much more comfortable. She never had accidents even as a puppy until recently. She's 12 yrs old & jus started having incontinence problems. In the early mornings, I was surprised to find her bed wet & she was too. I was washing her bedding everyday for a week until my Vet prescribed & gave me Proin that I started 2 pills in the morning & 2 at night. Honestly, these chewable meds are a miracle because by the 3rd morning, there was no wet bed and has not been since. The price of PetMeds was a plus and definitely lower than my vets
KELSEY Review from
April 21, 2020
I have a 12 y/o husky who started to develop incontinence and was getting constant bladder infections. My vet put her on a urinary prescription diet as well as Proin and Incurin and she's been great! She is currently down to just one pill a day. She's a very picky eater, but 8/10 times she'll eat this chewable tablet without having to coerce her with any other treats.
tmark Review from
September 2, 2017
Stopped the flood
13 yr old Golden mix suddenly started wetting the bed. Started on Proin - 1/2 tab twice a day. Stopped the wetting but did increase blood pressure and worried about side effects so switched to Leaks No More...that worked ok for a couple weeks but then we'd have breakthrough leaks and some puddling. Went back to Proin but reduced dose to 1/4 tab twice a day and it's working just fine. Occasional small dribble but blood pressure is within reason and no puddling or wet beds. Have noticed that dosage is best when as close as possible to every 12 hours. If I go over 12 hours I tend to see some drib
Review from
July 16, 2014
This product is amazing!
We found our dog in a wooded area. She was about 6 months old and had been abused and left to die. She had many health issues. She spent her first 10 days as part of our family at the vets with intravenous feeding and antibiotics and surgery. When she came home we noticed she was leaking urine while awake and while sleeping. After many tests we went to a specialist and she had bladder surgery which helped reduce the amount of urine she was leaking and reduced the number and intensity of urinary tract infections she had to endure. We tried a few drugs to help with her leaking problem but nothin
tmark Review from
January 17, 2018
Stopped the Puddles
I worried about side effects of Proin but so far it's the only thing that's stopped the puddling. Our 13 y/o female retriever mix started with bed wetting and small leaks but quickly progressed to large puddles at various times of day. It has raised her blood pressure a bit but I'm able to control the incontinence with a low dose - 1/4 of 50mg tablet morning and evening for 60 lb dog. Best results when given 12 hours apart but that's not always possible. Do see some occasional break through leaks - maybe once a month or so but nothing like the big puddles.I wouldn't even notice except I someti
Dawn Review from
March 4, 2020
This product works!
Proin is the only product that stopped my pit bull's dripping. I'm very upset that it's suddenly "out of stock" everywhere now that the more expensive Proin ER has hit the market. She has to be on this for life and the less expensive product works so why change it? Stock regular Proin!. The biggest downfall is that a prescription is needed which vets who sell Proin for a profit don't like to give.
Wendy Review from
July 26, 2017
My English mastiff rescue is a Hermaphrodit and has to have Proin for the rest of her life ... I saved her as a puppy and I'm so glad I did .. she was having accidents while asleep ... since she was a little puppy ... so the vet examined her and she has problems from her birth ... I don't want to say defect becusee it's not .. it's who she is ... Proin helps 100% she's been on it for 4 years she's a happy non leaking girl now :) they still work she's not "used" to them we've never had to increase the dosage ... we love alivet for understanding being kind to all animals .. fast delivery of her
Kara N Review from
July 14, 2020
My 12 year old female dog leaks urine constantly. The vet wanted us to try this, but their price was literally triple what it is here. We bought it and it works so well! We have a brand new couch and she hasn't leaked at all on it! She is prescribed 2 times a day and we want to use as little as possible for it to be effective and one works great! Highly recommend!
Happy Mommy Review from
April 3, 2019
Life Saver!!
Our German Shepard recently started having a problem every time she would get up from a nap she started to leave a large puddle of urine. Well she's mostly a inside dog so that totally poses a big problem. So we took her to the vet where they prescribed (Proin) Wow how that helped her from leaking!! Well it was a very expensive medication. So we looked into Pet Meds and found it much cheaper then the Vets prices. We could never put a price on our love for our pets but we at least could find a cheaper prescription that we were happy with. Thank you Proin and Pet Meds!!
Marjorie Review from
June 7, 2019
I bought Proin for my rescue daughter who became urinary incontinent. Zoey is 8 going on 9 years old and this is enabling to be with us for many more years. I love my baby and want only what is good for her. Allivet helps me give her the best life possible. She takes her pill every morning and evening wrapped in Liver Sausage. I'm so happy that I have Allivet as my pharmacy to help my Zoey live the best life possible. Thank you Allivet for being so easy to order and reorder even though I have to send an original prescription, its not a problem.
Katrina Review from
October 30, 2017
Purchased a small amount of these pills to try for my fur baby (8 yr old Westie) because she was experiencing some minor urine leakage while sleeping but also while walking around the house. Blood and urine tests at the vet came back all clear, so it has been determined to be incontinence. After a few doses of this medicine, we are seeing no more leakage - definitely does what it's prescribed to do. Asked my vet if it should be given with food (especially since my dog has a VERY sensitive diet and restrictive diet) and was told no...but after the first dose, she vomited. Have given all other d
Teresa Review from
June 9, 2020
It is so nice not to have to go to the pet store to purchase the meds. They automatically come to my door every 60 days without question. I am promptly notified of their delivery as well as their tracking. Also, they are a lot less expensive than the pet store. But the best is that they always have them in stock. I often went to the vet and was told they had the meds, but upon arrival, they didn't have them. This will not happen again.
Nana Review from
May 2, 2017
This is an amazing product!!
We have been giving this to our 14 year old Kelpie. She was leaking so bad that I thought we were going to have to take drastic measures. It actually looked like she was peeing on the floor, but I knew she wasn't. Our daughter told us about PetMeds. We have been giving her Proin for about 3 weeks. The change has been amazing. I noticed a dime size spot yesterday, but I know that it takes a while for the meds to be totally effective. I am so happy with this product...No more stinky carpet. We are happy and our "Princess" is happy too. I highly recommend this product, plus the saving are great a
Debi17 Review from
May 16, 2020
Worked for night peeing
Read reviews and knew my 12 yr. old GShep. was having night accidents. She got too hyper and panted too much on a whole tab, Shes 100lbs. But half of 75 mg. Works great! Some nights we forget, but when I tried to stop them, it came back. Good product for the elders.
Miranda Review from
March 13, 2021
My 10 year old husky has what the vet called the worst case of incontinence hes ever encountered she couldnt retain anything in her bladder. Two of these proin pills a day and shes completely fine. This stuff really works and Im so grateful for it.