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Medegen Medical - M4625 - UriAid Urine Collection Kit, Sterile

Medegen Medical:
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Designed especially for women. A single use, contoured plastic funnel that screws onto the sterile leak-resistant specimen container included with this kit. The unique inner funnel design helps direct urine into the container without contaminating the container once the funnel is removed. Effective when assisting children, the elderly, the infirm and during pregnancy when mobility can be difficult. Eliminates spillage and contamination to the patient's hand, container and surroundings. Eliminates the need to transfer sample from urinal to specimen container. Once the cap is correctly screwed onto the specimen container, the seal is leak resistant. Kit contains: (1) sterile specimen container with lid and label, (1) funnel, (1) BZK towelette.
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Manufacturer Medegen Medical
Categories Lab Equipment, Condition, Blood Clots, Chronic Kidney Disease - CKD, Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome - HUS, Interstitial Cystitis - IC, Urinary Incontinence, Urinary Retention, Urinary Tract Infection - UTI, Urine Collection, Urine Collection Kit, Specimen Container
Code M4625
Sold By 50 / Case
Require Prescription? No
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Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
44 Review
Jeffrey D. Review from
March 14, 2021
MyFAK Advanced Option - Cool but not Great.
All the medical components are of good quality. As a former paramedic, they are on par with what I have used in the field for minor emergencies. The bag gets an A+ for coolness! However, it isn't very user friendly in an emergency. You have to undo the buckle, then pull back the Velcro strap (which will then constantly try to go back), then pull the zippers apart, then re-open the Velcro strap that snapped right back as soon as you let it go. Now that's done and all is open, you will face an impressive amount of kit crammed into a somewhat small bag. Heaven help you if your hands are slippery
Mitchell M. Review from
September 30, 2021
Great kit with a couple issues
Let me say that this kit really is nice. The bag is awesome and it comes with a lot of great contents. I only have two complaints. 1. The amount of stuff does not really fit the bag. It is great that there are a lot of contents, but once you remove stuff there is simply no way to get it all back in the bag and close it. It was so tight when received that one of the sunscreens had burst over some other items. It actually makes me hesitant to remove anything for fear that I won't be able to get it packed back up again. Like you think I am exaggerating, but It is wicked stuffed. It would be a bit
John R. Review from
July 31, 2021
Perfect for EMS and first responders.
As a former paramedic/firefighter, I'm used to carrying large ALS packs daily in my previous Jeep's (Wranglers, Gladiator and a few Cherokees)... I purchased a new 2021 Rubicon (JL) and decided to take a chance on the MyMedic gear. To say "absolutely ecstatic" is an understatement! I work as a trauma surgeon for a Level One Trauma Center and have cut my EDC trauma pack by 2/3 and has everything I need with just a few add-ons I've attached with MOLLE packs. Not to mention, Jeep has a plethora of available MOLLE panels through various companies. Before, I had to "sacrifice" a noticeable amount o
Paul D. Review from
September 21, 2021
I've had and used many first aid kits all over the world. It wasn't until I took the NRA's Range Safety Officer course that I realized how inadequately supplied all these kits were. My home supplies were up to date but I needed a better kit for my truck when travelling. When I discovered your website, my search was over. MY MEDIC offers all the top quality supplies used by EMT's, paramedics etc in custom tailored packages that fit the needs of anyone who believes in being prepared. As the old slogan once said "Don't leave home without them." MY MEDIC offers the opportunity to select from pre-p
Marcos Review from
January 20, 2021
Nearly impeccable
First I want to say this company has the best integrity and from a customer standpoint it is greatly appreciated. I waited for days with this tab open, checking repeatedly for this model to go back in stock. Hours after finally catching the restock it was sold out again. Even in high volume they do their absolute best to include every item as mentioned. When I got my kit everything was in place except for one item, the flat splint, in which they included a gift card explaining and apologizing, that will more than compensate for the cost of the missing item. On top of that there was even an ext
Paul D. Review from
October 25, 2021
Great value and peace of mind
I have used first aid kits of all types throughout my life from military service in Vietnam to hunting trips in Africa and the U.S. The usual kits are barely adequate. After completing the NRA Range Safety Officer course last summer, I realized I needed to significantly upgrade my kit pronto. MyFak provides an assortment of high quality products in conveniently packaged groups all loaded into a well organized, durable nylon kit. Inventory of contents depends upon individual choices and needs. The only additional items I added later were: a CAT tourniquet, a Leatherman Raptor emergency tool, a
James S. Review from
May 2, 2021
This kit is stuffed!
I wanted a fully loaded med kit to always keep in my truck because my truck is always used for range days, family vacations, and whatever other adventures I take. Having a well stocked med kit that I can trust my life with was an absolute must. I can tell you ( the person reading this ) that this MyFAK with the advanced option added is hands down the best kit for the money on the market today. I'm so impressed with everything that's included and wouldn't change a thing about it. It's very well organized and easy to get to whatever you might need and it's compact enough to fit in my center cons
Kevin F. Review from
July 16, 2021
Buy two.
Very good kit. Already used it. I tend to lead a rather active life around the property, working on cars, equipment, etc. Managed to slice my arm on a sheet metal edge the second day I had this kit. Had everything I needed. Didn't even get blood on my shirt. Excellent. I bought one for my wife and a good friend who I think can appreciate it as well. I like that there's some room to customize the contents. I've added some things I use often and maintain the original stock on board at all times. Very comprehensive kit and easy to find what you need in a hurry. Highly recommended. Everyone should
Roger S. Review from
January 1, 2022
Almost to good
Its a very unusual scenario but this pack was so full that after opening it and looking through a few items, being careful to put things back just right, I actually couldnt close it again. Most 1st Aid kits are just full of gauze so it would be an easy fix but theres honestly no waste in this kit and I cant decide what to I would be ok doing without lol The kit is exceptional and everything in it vital, but the pack is simply a bit to small for the quantity of items it came with. I had to remove the tensor band pack which is large, and it still wont close without great effort. I dont know weth
Jerry T. Review from
September 30, 2021
Quality and Confidence
Love this ifak. Packed with quality contents in a well made bag. One of the key people in our church needed some meds and I was able to supply them right away out of this pack. It was minor need but made me aware again that anything can happen at anytime. It is a great feeling to have taken the effort to have prepared and then be able to help when the need arises. I've been outfitting my family with kits from MyMedic and I think I'm addicted to first aid gear. Too much fun!
Julio M. Review from
March 24, 2021
Awesome kit for security officers!!
The quality of the kit is awesome, I work for a national security company and I'm usually like people say in the front lines daily. I work along with cops and thank God nothing has gone south but every day is different and you just never know what can go wrong. It's better to need it and not have it, then not have it and need it. I carry it on my vehicle on a daily basis, and probably I'll carry like an edc kit because this kit is a little to big but it's very well made and good quality of products that it has in the kit. I don't really have negative comments on this kit.
Nick Review from
August 5, 2021
MyFak Large Advanced
I love 90% of the MyFak Large Advanced. Some things I changed out were the scissors and the tourniquet. Put a CAT tourniquet in these bags. Would also like additional sizes of nasopharyngeal airways and/or a set of oropharyngeal airways. Label the med bags with what is in each so you don't have to rummage through each one looking. These are the very few things I would change in this kit.
Jim M. Review from
January 26, 2022
My go anywhere kit!
This was my 3rd MyMedic kit, and was just as comprehensive as the others. I keep this kit in my pickup as my travel and range first aid kit and feel comfortable that it will provide everything needed to stabilize any injuries within reason until higher level care arrives. It is mounted on the seat back on a Greyman Tactical RMR grid, which keeps it close at hand. MyMedic even provides a Velcro panel with Molle straps so it can be deployed in an instant! On road or off, you cant go wrong with this kit.
Rachel S. Review from
May 30, 2021
MyFAK Large packs a big punch
Really thorough and thoughtfully put together collection of medical emergency supplies that someone might need in an urgent situation. I really like the choice of colors for the pack itself, which makes it easy to grab and know you have exactly what you need. Would be great if there was a little extra space to place some other additional items like an IV drip, etc. but it's also not The Medic Kit version, so I'll figure out a work around for now. All of the items are well organized and an excellent quality, really great to be able to restock so easily via
Sam T. Review from
April 22, 2021
Happy with MyMedic
Solid products and good quality pouch. Nicely organized. Everything shipped quickly. Would be good for longer weekend hikes and/or supplemental to a larger kit at home. Probably a little bulky for an edc/work backpack - go with the solo first aid kit for something a little more edc bag friendly. Good for a geaux bag when SHTF. Feel more prepared. Cheers
Gordon C. Review from
March 19, 2021
Good kit
Well put together but added a CAT tourniquet to the kit due to the RAT not being a recognized combat tourniquet. All of the bandages, meds, and other components are well organized and easy to access. Shears cut but will replace with NAR trauma shears. Plenty of bandages and well organized. Pretty much everything you need for trauma and first aid. Well designed kit.
Daniel C. Review from
January 30, 2021
Great Product
My wife is a Registered Nurse; so when he is very happy with this FAK, Im happy with it too. I ordered MyFAK advanced on backorder. It arrived three weeks later; no problem considering the COVID dilemma. I got a $10 voucher for gloves and a couple items that were out of stock. These missing items on their website equal about $10, but they charge you another $10 for shipping. If the items were still on backorder, I would have waited. No worries though. Im more than happy to support a fellow Veteran-owned business. Hopefully, I wont have to use MyFAK but Ill have it at the ready. Very well-built
Nguyen B. Review from
February 18, 2020
MyFak First Aid Kit Review
I bought this IFAK as a gift for a friend who is loves everyday carry tools. As a medical professional and former Army, I think this "kit" has all the basic essentials for a quick patch up while on the road. The craftsmanship is great with seemingly adequate seems and ripstop material. I especially enjoy the ability to quickly detach the main pack from the harness via hook and loop/ velcro (when attached to say a headrest). The only gripe I have is the tourniquet that comes with it seems "cheap" when compared to a CAT tourniquet; although you can just buy the CAT and swap it out. Overall I thi
Kat K. Review from
December 30, 2021
Old style was better
I bought the original design of this pack a few years ago and love it! Small enough to keep in my car console and respond to a variety of different injuries. I just bought two more expecting the same thing. The new design with the equipment in separate packages makes it much more difficult to find and replace things. Still a good pack but not as efficient of a design anymore.
Brant L. Review from
May 23, 2021
Brantz Review and Additional Wishlist.
I like most of the kit, just a few items I like and had 2 add...a second chest seal, sharpie. With that being said, I love the design especially the "tear away". I've asked Lance about a couple of things and he has responded well. I bought the SOLO KIT after the Advanced IFAK which needz a few additional items as well. I made a "shopping list" of my idea of a complete kit for multiple uses and need 2 talk 2 Lance or sumone about puttin that together.
Ken B. Review from
July 6, 2020
Great product!
Bought two of these. Unfortunately, all we could get was the black ones. My wife wanted a red bag but they were not available. Not a big deal but don't offer the colors if you aren't going to carry them. The kit is very well organized and has more items that I don't think we will ever use but they might be necessary at some point. I couldn't believe the really great planning by your people! Took it almost all out and looked through everything. We were wondering if you have a list of everything in the bag and for what it could be used. This would be very helpful! This is a great kit and I am gl
Rob M. Review from
June 28, 2021
Not a bad kit. the
Not a bad kit. the advertising was a bit misleading, but once received, i went back and re-read and now see what happened. Very disappointing that this kit did not come with a basic tourniquet. Now I have to put out an additional $20-$30 X the 10 that I purchased, to make it a worth while kit. If it would have come with the basic tourniquet and left out the useless fluff, it would have been fantastic.
Review from
June 11, 2021
One for every work truck and personal vehicle
The MyFak Advanced Kits are so inclusive that I've provided one for each of my work crews. They keep them on the back of the headrest in their trucks for easy access. Being in the construction industry, things happen. Cuts, bee stings, headaches, stomach issues, etc.. we've seen it all. The MyFak kit contains everything to keep my crews, and my family, safe from whatever the world throws at them.
Michael L. Review from
September 13, 2021
Buy it.
Excellent kit. Keep it in my work truck and all times, and it's easy to grab and take anywhere else I might need it; personal truck, boat, family picnic, it goes everywhere. And it's chock full of anything you'd ever need. The molle on the bag is great too. I keep an extra tourniquet, Israel battle dressing, and a chest seal in quick straps on the front. All around great bag.
Blake S. Review from
January 20, 2021
Great package
Loved this kit, got it on sale and everything is high quality. Only thing I swapped out was the tourniquet it came with. I'm sure the one it came with works but I just prefer the newer cat tourniquets. Overall its a great package that has become a staple of my outdoor/shooting gear. All of the medical supplies included are good quality. I would highly recommend it to anyone. The pack it comes in is robust and feels durable as well. It has well a organized and easy to access design.
Review from
October 5, 2020
Great Package, but could be better
I wish I could give this somewhere between 4 and 5 stars, and it was almost a 5 star product for me. I just wish that that the tourniquet in the advanced version had a CAT tourniquet where data shows is better than a RATS one. Also, I think there should really be two chest seals as well. There is a reason why they usually come in bundles of two. If there is an entry wound to the chest wall there is a good chance there is an exit wound, so two chest seals would be ideal. I feel like I would have to make additional purchases to complete this kit. Other than that, I have not complaints.
Tracy Review from
February 11, 2021
Bought this My Medic first
Bought this My Medic first aid kit for my husband who is a contractor and always getting scraped, scratched, stuck, etc. He wanted one to carry in his truck. I gave it to him for Christmas and it has been handy and useful several times in the past 2 months. It is such a thorough and thoughtful kit - well organized and easy to use. It gives me peace of mind, knowing that he is prepared for anything.
Graham D. Review from
January 30, 2022
Great gear, and peace of mind, without guns.
Myfak lives in my EDC backpack. I've experienced an active shooter before. So this purchase gives me peace of mind with me all the time. In Toronto,Canada, car accident and gun violence are on the rise. And carrying a gun is limited. But with top notch gear in a durable, easy carry bag my and those around me are safer.
Leroy Y. Review from
March 9, 2021
Father of 3.
I purchased this kit to keep in my home in case my preschool boys get a little rowdy and hurt themselves. Its come in hand plenty of times since I purchased it a couple of months ago. Im sure it will be needed more as my children get older. Even when it comes down to the last pork chop haha. Its a great purchase along with great quality and I would recommend to any one and will be purchasing more kits in the future.
Timothy S. Review from
June 8, 2021
Bag opens completely so you can find anything instantly...seconds count!
High quality materials and an exceptional layout! This kit is well thought out and everything is easy to find FAST! I thought I wanted the Recon bag initially, but after comparing and seeing how this kit opened to expose everything all at once, this was a no-brainer. Great training that went along with the purchase as well (promotional incentive).
Deryl T. Review from
November 22, 2020
Excellent Med Kit
Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for quality medical gear in a well crafted kit. Dont go anywhere else but mymedic for your medical needs. Easy to pack out either Overlanding, hiking, or just to keep in the vehicle to be prepared for anything. No reason to go anywhere else for supplies. The custom made bags are fantastic and make getting to the medical gear super easy and readily accessible. Dont go anywhere else to get your supplies. This specific med pack has more than enough to get to to and from your next adventure.
Jack B. Review from
April 13, 2021
I was looking for a
I was looking for a proper First Aid Kit for my home and ordered the MyFAK. I am very impressed with the quality, ease of use and durability of the case. I am a member of my local CERT team and have added the FAK to my backpack as a "proper" emergency kit. the FAK is a bit pricey, but in my opinion, it is totally worth it. An emergency situation is not the time to worry about how much money was saved on a "bargain" kit. Keep up the great work!!
Roger T. Review from
May 25, 2021
As a former Medic and
As a former Medic and Firefighter this is a great bag! Plus I run a Roofing business when someone get hurt thus bag come in handy we spend $1,500! On medical equipment for our business we are planning to order more medical supplies I wish they would have so kind refill kit! Great place Great equipment and Great team of people to order your supplies I give them 12! On Scale 1-10 I give them 12 :)
Daniel R. Review from
May 1, 2021
Great products with quality items.
Great products with quality items. Well thought out items that make sense. Excellent Value for the price. Customer support is excellent as well. I teach Preparedness classes on a bi weekly basis and I only recommend products that I have purchased and tested thoroughly. My Medic is one of few companies I give 5 stars to.
Review from
April 1, 2020
One of the best FAK that I have owned!
I got the advance level, and it has everything that you need from basic stuff to the more serious stuff. It's one of those things that you are really glad that you own, but that you wish that you will never need to use to it's full potential. The only thing that I would like to see an improvement on would be the button straps. They are fine as they are, but not as secured as I would like them to be. I carry my kit on the side of my plate carrier, and it will move up and down once you pick up your pace. I would just add two horizontal straps to tear away panel, so that I can cross the straps an
Review from
June 4, 2021
Best compact first aid kit ever!
This is a compact yet very full emergency and survival first aid kit. I rivals my own EMT first aid kit I used professionally. This has everything you need for hiking, camping, or even a home first aid kit for your whole family or workplace. It is lightweight, well organized and beautiful too. So useful and can save your life!
Russell M. Review from
January 16, 2022
Very pleased with our MyFAK.
Very pleased with our MyFAK. Were a small service company and before we purchased this kit we were looking for a well rounded all inclusive kit that we could keep in our service truck in the event of worksite injuries. While were pleased that we havent had to use it, the fit and finish as well as the comprehensiveness was well worth the money for the peace of mind that it gives. We will be ordering again to fit out our new service trailer.
Dave P. Review from
September 9, 2020
I got my order last night and I was very impressed. For starters, I couldn't believe how much stuff was able to fit in there. I ordered some additional items and I was even able to fit those in there as well. All the supplies were of good quality and the bag itself was amazing. I've carried a kit is some form or another for years and have had to use it on several occasions. I can honestly say that I have never felt more prepared than I do with this kit. Very happy with my purchase and plan to purchase more supplies and different kits as I need them.
David R. Review from
May 18, 2021
Semper Fidelis
A very handy med kit indeed with a variety of compartments that have vital essentials needed in a great starter kit. It has a nice handle to carry on vehicle's for easy access. Or clip's to hook up to M.O.L.L.I.E gear for either range or bug out capabilities. Still has room for a few more thing's like an extra tourniquet or gauze.
William F. Review from
May 26, 2021
Great quality, tons of items in a compact pack.
This is the perfect size kit for my family of 4. I bought it to take on long car trips. I take it camping, and backpacking. It is my safety net, and the quality does not disappoint in any way. It was clearly designed by someone who knows what they are doing. One unsip and everything is laid out before you.
Aaron D. Review from
December 25, 2021
Amazing product. Its a good
Amazing product. Its a good starting point for me. I even appreciate the voucher for a product that was not in stock when you filled my order. Only gripe I have is that the saline solution was missing from my order which is not what the voucher was for. Not a big deal and I will be buying from you again in the near future. Thank you
H.Scott T. Review from
July 1, 2021
3 down and i am sure more to come
i have purchased three (3) of these kits . two for my wife and i to carry in our cars and the third for the family hunting camp that is used year round for family gatherings. I wanted something other than a "Walmart" style first aid kit as we have kids and older family members there. Two of our family members in the medical field removed the contents of the kids to inspect it and now have ordered their own kits.
Scott Review from
January 8, 2018
MyFAK purcahse
I bought this kit as my wife and I spend a great deal of time in the outdoors, fly fishing and hunting. We needed something that would cover the majority of issues which might be encountered in these outdoor pursuits and this kit seemed to fit the bill. We have not had to use it yet but I will say that when walking miles on end during a fishing outing that is carries well strapped to one of our packs. When hunting we wanted something that would also cover issues that we might encounter with the dogs, e.g. fences, traps, eye issues ... and this also has the components to assist if need be. It c
Forester157 Review from
December 7, 2021
Absolutely love this pack! unsure how the pro version of it would of fit as not much room but a great pack! ive already bought 2 other different packs and mods for christmas (more so to pick and choose what i want to steal) but constantly on here looking for stuff to snag! ive recommended this to our providers at the doctors office also