Catheter Glossary
How to Effectively Obtain Urine Samples
Urine Samples are useful for diagnosing medical conditions that can be determined by testing a perso view more
How to Benefit from Kegel Exercises
Kegel are exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor (better referred to as levator ani) muscles wh view more
Neurogenic Bladder
Our bladders are controlled by ramified peripheral nerves that originate in the spinal cord. If ther view more
How to Use a Disposable Catheter for Men
Disposable catheters are simple to use and can be easily part of your routine, just like brushing yo view more
Inserting Hydrophilic Catheters
Hydrophilic catheters are manufactured with a ‘water-loving’ coating so they arrive ready to use. It view more
Preventing Catheter-Related Urinary Tract Infections
It is common practice to insert a Foley catheter in almost all patients seen at the emergency depart view more
Ileal Orthotopic Neobladder – A New Reservoir
For about thirty years now, Urinary tract reconstruction has been a popular procedure for patients u view more
Catheter Videos
Urinary Catheters and Urinary Tract Infections
Urethral catheterization increases chances of urinary tract infections. Since view more